Double Roller Printed Blind

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UV Solar Films are cutting edge technology that enables you to conserve heat and reduce glare on all your windows and glass. Our UV Solar Films are designed to protect your office workers or family from the negative effects of UV rays. Amber Displays Ltd can install the UV Solar Films to new or existing glass. UV Solar Films are perfect for your conservatory, sun lounge, or office block – and lasts for years.

UV Solar Films Benefits

Regulates Room Temperature – UV Solar-films can effectively reduce room temperature. This creates a better working environment and reduces expenditure on energy to operate air conditioning systems. A temperature controlled environment is known to increase productivity in the workplace. Anti-Glare – Specially designed for enhanced protection from UV rays, this will protect the occupants as well and the furniture from fading. Our UV Films can last for years. UV Protection – Specially designed for enhanced protection from UV rays, this will protect the occupants as well and the furniture. Our UV Films can last for years. Privacy – UV Solar Films increase privacy and act as a deterrent against intrusion

Manifestation Glass Design

Amber Display are specialists in the design, supply and installation of Glass Manifestation designs, for use on glass partitions, windows and shop fronts and offices. Glass manifestation is necessary on large panels of glass, the Manifestation function is to make the glass visible for safety reasons. We at Amber Display can offer you everything from a plain etched effect to using our state of the art cutting equipment to provide you with even the most intricate of designs. Benefits of Glass Manifestations Ideal for providing privacy. Allows through natural light which improves productivity in the workplace. Helps prevent people walking into glass. Easy to clean and maintain.

Roller Blinds

Our Roller blinds are custom made to suit your needs. We also design with your company details. Roller blinds are inexpensive but can really transform any room.

One Way Vision Films

One way vision films provide privacy, they allow natural light in and reduce harm UV rays and glare.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds provide the ultimate light control to offices, schools, & homes. Blackout blinds create privacy and protect from harmful UV rays. They also ensure you and your family will get a good night sleep. Call Amber Display Today to discuss the Benefits of UV Solar Films in your business or home 018861755 or Email



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