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Pavement Signs

Pavement signs are a powerful advertising tool. The majority of purchase decisions are made in­-store. So attracting customers into the store is key for retailers.  Nothing does this better than one of our targeted high impact pavement signs outside your shop front.

A1 Signs – Double Sided 

One of our most popular pavement signs. Designed to endure the all too frequent windy and rainy days we experience in this country. Its tough exterior incorporates steel springs to prevent the sign from falling over or moving in strong winds. That, coupled with a modern design and the popular freestanding water filled base, makes it the perfect outdoor sign. The snap shut opening mechanism allows users to change displays as often as you like. 

Swing Signs

Built for Irish weather. Get round-the-clock brand advertising and improve your company’s brand awareness with a swing sign, ideal for displaying tactical and promotional messages. These pavement signs work best with a weighted base choose from water or sand.

Chalkboard Signs 

  • Double sided
  • Weather Resident
  • Reusable
  • Suitable for Cafes and Restaurants

Eco Café Barriers

Eco Cafe Barrier is a cost effective way of defining areas outside restaurants, bars and shopping centres.


  • Quick and Easy to assemble
  • Sold as individual Components
  • Heavyweight post and base
  • Various Sizes Available

Crowd Control Barriers

Choose a Fixed Pavement Link or Variable Link Crowd Control Barrier systems. Easy to extend, easy to configure. Ideal for trade shows, reception areas, hotel foyers as well as exhibits and museums.

Amber Display supplies a range of customised, pavement signs these include.

  • A-Boards with weight water or sand stands
  • Interchangeable Poster displays
  • Double Sided Swing Signs
  • Chalk Boards.

We stock a wide range of styles and materials from Plastic, Steel, Aluminium and Timber to suit all budgets and needs.

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