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Safety Signs

Safety Signs must be displayed in the workplace. Each business sector will need specific signs that highlight the various hazards that are unique to their business. The Health and Safety Authority are responsible for enforcing the law within this area. Amber Display will be happy to advise you what safety signage you may need for your business. It is important to be aware of the law in this area, new laws are introduced all the time, resulting in new Health and Safety signage that may need to be displayed.

Safety Signs, Saves Lives

  • Building Signs
  • No Parking
  • Informational Signs
  • Safety Stripes & Decals
  • Local Authority Signage
  • Exit Signs
  • Sprinkler Signs
  • Extinguisher Signs
  • Hazards Signs
  • Fire Signs
  • First Aid
  • Danger Construction
  • No Smoking Signs
  • Photoluminescent emergency evacuation route signs
  • Assembly Points

Range Of Covid 19 Safety Signage

  • Perspex Screens for shops and chemists. These perspex screens can be branded and cut to any size
  • Information Posters regarding Covid 19 Precautions
  • Pull Banner and Pavement Signs
  • Perspex screens for work stations
  • Anti Slip mat to help customers social distance (2 meters apart)
  • Face screens with visors

Perspex Face screens

Lightweight face screen, protect your face and eyes from droplets that can spread Covid 19 when someone coughs or sneezes. These Face screens have disposable curtains.

Movascreen Fast, flexible, free-standing screening and partition solutions for hospitals

With the need for hospitals and healthcare settings to quickly deploy extra bed space, Movascreen offers a hygienic and quick privacy screening solution for patients between beds where you can’t utilise curtains.
The free-standing partition comprises of a panel which is made from anti-bacterial easy clean PVC and firmly secured to a durable powder coated steel post frame, making Movascreen very flexible and hygienic in its use.

Amber Display also offers signage which can be customised to match your establishment’s existing signage. Our experts will provide a survey of your business and help you ensure that your signage meets your needs and expectations. Call our expert team today to discuss your safety signs needs at 01 8861755.



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